Friday, November 23, 2007

I just love Photography

I love taking pictures a lot and it one of my hobbies. Digital gives me a great infact of doing capturing photos since I came here in U.S. I used hubby's digital camera and soon after he bought one for me as my Christmas present couple years ago. That was I used when I gave birth to my child. It was the most precious time when hubby took picture of me all through out my labor and when my child came out from me. I just couldn't forget that moment and I have kept a lot of photos since then and it is almost every day taking pictures of my little one to see her milestone, I can see how getting big she is. And also I used it when hubby graduated from Master's degree of Science and a lot to mention. Both of us love photography and we also make sure we pick the best camera so it also has a good capture. But unfortunately I broke mine, I felt so bad for it but what can I do? I can't return it any longer so this is what one of my wish list this coming Christmas the new digital camera or cam corder since I would like to record all events or mileston of my lovely daughter and hoping hubby can give it to me and I have found a website that offers wide selection of those prodcuts, the one I'm peeking right now are these Sony HDR-UX7 HighDefinition Carmcorder and Sony DSLR-A100K alpha Digital SLR Camera W/18-70MMF/3.5-5.6Lens at Yes digital Camera or Camcorder can help me a lot to keep all the pictures to look it back later. This website not only offering digital cameras and camcorders but also they offers vast of digital picture frame just they way I have wanted. I sure going to purchas some from them since I have tons of pictures I kept of my daughter that haven't pictured framed yet. I just got the right place at the right time.

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