Sunday, November 4, 2007

Be thankful!

I'm getting so sleepy now and thought of heading to bed but I have stay up a bit yet cause I wan't to finish my one task so I will be good to go to bed. While facing on the pc I also txting with my sister back home, she said she is going to architect's house. I hope I get a news from her soon so we can take care of that too. I have been wanting Mama to have a new house built cause I know that makes her happy and that is one of her dream as well. I am hoping that her dream will come true. I am so happy that hubby would build it up for mama and he will provide all the expenses. He such a wonderful guy. God hears all my prayers and I thanked him a million times because I never thought that my wish for mama would come true and some of my wish and dreams in life.

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