Thursday, August 2, 2007

Unwanted Suitor

Why did I came up with this topic? Well it has something to do with the korean I watched the last time. There is this guy who looked alike with the unwanted suitor I had before. But this actor in korean drama is just way too handsome, it is just they have similarities on their face, eyebrows and eyes and mouth. Looking at this guy in the drama it reminds me of him.

Way back then this guy is just our neighbor. He always visiting to our house talking to my mama and everyone else of my siblings including me some times. I didn't know that he wanted to curting me. I didn't like the idea he likes me since I don't like him to be because he is always drinking alcohol and smoking. Yikes! No way! When I knew he likes me I tried to avoid him especially when he visit to our house. My golly! It was the worst nightmare I've ever had. I always scared of him because he is not going back to their home not until he can see me. I tried to hide so many times and he will just only wait my appearance even how late in the evening it is. I was like crazy before that everytime I gotta hide it's like Im panicking and don't know what to do seems I couldn't find the place I could hide even inside my room it's like it's not a safe place for me anymore hehe! One time when me and my sister came home from the other town he was already waiting in our terris so what I did I had to turned going to the back of our house I fell on the mud and was so dirty because I was panicking on that time again. I dodn't know why I hate to see him really as if he is a bad guy for me. To tell you everytime my family sees me panicking they will laugh so hard and they will tease me and I tease this guy back to them that this guy don't have crush on me but to them just to make me less fear. Before I step in to our yard I would always asks my siblings if he still there waiting otherwise I would just stay at my aunt's house lol! I even asked to God that time why me? lots of girls out there why he bumped on me I don't like him hehe! Yikes he even got jealous when someone is calling me on the phone. Who is he? my boyfriend? yikes! He would always bring something for my family so they would like him, but he is so wrong because they don't like him too. He should look for a girl that fits him not me. My sister would laugh at me everytime I hide under with so many blankets. When I think back of falling in the mud because of him it makes me mad. Since then our friendship got broken because of his intentions.

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Sarah said...

Kakatawa ka nmn Dauph, na experienced ko rin yan pero d nmn ako nadapa sa mud. Sa kin it turned out bad tlg naging stalker ko sya.