Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What an early morning for me to wake up at 8:00 am? I just stayed up last night downloading and uploading photos as much as I could. There are stil lots of them to be uploaded and hoping to do them soon. My Nicole woke up earlier than me and I just felt someone is calling and touching me when I opened my eyes there she was holding some biscuit inside the zip lock but she did eat some already since I could see it in her mouth hahaha! So cute. She didn't let me sleep more. Do you know what she did? She opened my eyes, grab my hair and anything she could think of just to stay wake up and get up hehe. She is really funny and so cute. I asked her if she want to have milk to I made one of her in her sippy and she's done. I love it when she says "thank you" very polite little girl. After giving her a milk I checked emails and webcam if hubby is still on hehe. Yes I viewed him all night long. That's how I missed him or each other lol!

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