Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday Event

We were too busy today. We went to my friend's birthday party for his son, the 2 years old buddy. It was a sadden decision we go there since my friend was waiting for me. It was too hard to say that we can't attend the party since it's already late. In the morning hubby forgot about it which Im not sure though since he said I didn't tell him that there had party is going to attend. I understand him also because he was too busy that morning, it was his son's 18th birthday as well and they went shopping for the gifts. Which for sure his mind was pretty occupied especially they went back to the store couple of times because the item they got inside the box were broken. When he got home he was too tired and have wanted to take a nap. I told him if he really can't go but he changed his mind to go and take his bath first but you know he wasn't in the good mood to really go. My mind thought that maybe I shouldn't just go since it's already late and I didn't bother to prepare since I don't feel good that hubby wasn't feeling good at all. When hubby got out of the bathroom he was asking me if I was ready. I was in the middle of confusion so I just called my friend that we gonna be late so she responded it's okay and she will wait. I changed Nicole's clothes, me and for hubby. We left our driveway at past 3:35 pm. I thought of calling Mai for the second time if she can make it but I just didn't bother her since she was too busy with the two guys mowing their loan. So hubby and I went straight. Our planned was just to drop by the gift but since it is not a nice idea so we just stayed instead. The place wasn't that so far but when we got there some people were there already. I was so happy that Jocelyn and her husband were so understanding. The food was great. Most of their visitors were white americans and mexicans lots of kids so Nicole had lots of fun too. Nicole didn't eat because she was so excited to play. We stayed there for 2 hours. When I see outside was gloomy I told my friend that it's about time to go home because I had wanted to go to Saloon as well. So we went off at past 6:00 pm. When we got to Saloon I was too sad cause they were going to close already. I didn't like the idea since this place is pretty far from our house but hubby is willing to drive me there. I just felt bad since I wasn't able to make my hair done because we were late. I just couldn't find the better place for me to have my hair done other than that saloon run by mexican people. I hope there have one closer to our area. I just couldn't wait to have my hair done cause my hair is dry and frizzy. I needed to do something with it. Anyway I will just take more time to flip over the pages of hair magazine what kind of style I really want so there will be no regrets later. This saloon is really great. I would not just mind even how far it is as long as they can do something.

On the way back home the rain poured so we just went straight home and now hubby took his nap.

This is all my news today and hope you guys had a great time spending your time with your family. Take care and God Bless!

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