Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's been a long time hubby and I haven't been to theater to watch any movies because of our little girl who is still too young to bring in the theater worrying might she will disturb a lot of people while the movie is on, but I have found this comedy movie Superbad which is pretty funny. I just had watched the video trailer at youtube the Superbad. I had a hard laugh watching at these three guys being silly. The other one is using a fake Identification McLovin hehe. You should take a peep with these 5 video clips of Superbad at youtube because for sure it's gonna give you have lots of fun by watching it. And guys please don't forget to check this website out at for your favorite ringtones and downloadables wallpapers and buddy icons. This is one of the superb comedy movie I've ever saw in video clips. I would tell hubby about this since he loves comedy movies. We might be looking for a baby sitter to watch our daughter for couple hours, so we may be alone to watch this comedy movie or bring her since this is comedy cause for sure people would be laughing and wouldn't mind the noise of a little child and to tell you my daughter already can appreciate some of comedy show haha, so why not just bringing her. This is going to be so fun to watch. Guys you shouldn't miss this movie this is highly recommended to you all. This would be more blastful if you gonna bring your friends with you. So don't foget the show will be on August 17 on theater. So don't miss out! Have a great time!

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