Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Busy WEEK!

Golly it is been so long of last post. I was just kinda busy at my end and didn't get any chance to update. What I have thought is roming around to all you guys and visiting to let you know I am still here even I don't update that much. This week has just been so busy for me since it's going to be my daughter's 2nd birthday. I hope this going to be blast since we prepared for it and hoping for the expectant to come on Nicole's party at the park. Her birthday will be tomorrow, August 16, 2007 but we postponed her birthday party on Sunday so our friends can come over cause that's their only available time so we all managed the time.

This is all for now guys. I just couldn't say more now because I am still so busy with my daughter. I will put her to sleep as her nap time. I just gave her bath and right after this gonan give her bottle of milk so she will be going to sleep and me at the same time will do the house works.

Thank you everyone for always dropping by here. I will pay a visit to each one of you soon.


Lily said...

Hello Dauph,back from Vacation na gyud akong beauty pero kapoy pa mao nga dugay dugay ka laag sa mga online friends,salamat diay sa sigeng hapit sa akong balay ha,na hala ka parehas diay ming Nicole mga AUG 16,karon man sab akong B-day pero wala ko plan maghanda kay akong duha ka silingan nga miga wala mga time busy kaau sila for now,so maybe only three of us. well just dine out and thats it, happy birthday to your adorable Nicole dako na gyud imong daugther ha halos prehas na ta ani dagko na atong mga chicks and trying to be Independent now. just like your Nicole they do enjoy themselves now and learn so much. na sige diay Dauph di nako magdugay Jasmine is already here, take care and kisses to the birthday girl muah!!!! from me and Jasmine.

Juzahlyn said...

happy birthday to your lil girl sis..