Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Silly Girl

My little girl is silly for some reason everytime she sees the butt cream, butt wipes and lotion she will then look around rolling her eyes on me if I am watching her. If she sees that I am not eyeing on her she will reach any one of those then hide anywhere in the corner like going to the other side of the bed which I could hardly see her, going to back of her crib, to the bathroom, behind the chair. I caught her so many times. She is so wise for doing such thing to hide somewhere when she is doing something which is against me and her daddy. She is silly and so cute. When I asked her what is she doing she will then explain on top of her lungs into chinese words lol! with the motion of her hands too. And the most funny thing with her expression this is time when she cover's her mouth with her hand say "Oh No" hehe so really cute as if a big girl.

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