Thursday, August 9, 2007

Car Donation

I was so touch when I got here in USA because there is a bottle or small container in some various restaurant for donation even just a single dime or dollar. Just thinking of even a dollar per person can help thousands of people. God Bless their heart for donating heartily and thinking other people's lives to live better from hardship. I saw few people around here in our area and I felt really sorry for them. It breaks my heart because it's not easy to be like their situation. Nevertheless to say it's nice to donate something so they could have foods to eat everyday and some other things they are needed in life.

To all of you out there have big hearts, thinking of donating your stuffs to charity especially your car please contact this place at with their telephone number at 1-800-227-2643 with Car Donation in Los Angeles. They are serving partner charities across America helping the orphans, single mothers, teen and adult rehab, prison reform, educational materials, and homeless. Please contact them as they will pick your car up anytime. With this Donate My Car in Los Angeles we could save a lot of hunger, homeless people everywhere in USA. So guys please start browsing their website now and donate your car in L.A. Car Donation.

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