Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thinking of getting a JOB!

I felt so bad for not updating my blog here. I am sorry guys if my blog has been quiet sometimes. I just don't know what to say in here just except visiting you all each time I checked on my blog. Even I don't update this much but I always check to those people who are leaving me a notes. Thank you guys for the time even to those who only peek in here. I am still happy. Hope you always keep coming back as I do to you. Cheers everyone!

Lately I been thinking of getting a job outside because I felt isolated just only watch my daughter. I don't know why my mind came up this thought. I want to try to work. I can do it from time hubby comes home from work and he could watch our daughter at night time. I've never work my whole life yet since when I was in Philippines till I got here in US. Hubby didn't tell me force me to do so but seems I am envy with other friends of mine they are busy working. I want to know if I can do work here in US. I have never prove that I can do a job outside since I never tried. There are stores and malls just nearby in our house. Why I felt this way. Ugh it's frustrating. Some said I am lucky that I don't work but I also got envy with others they are working. Sigh what a life! I guess because I have never done that. Ahhh HELLLLLLLP! Kalagot baya! Maybe the reason too is working at home just dealing with the mess around is not fun anymore huhu! Same thing over and over everyday.

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Casey's Mom said...

Same here. I can definitely relate to this urge of getting a job. I never tried any single job since after I finished school. Uban ta Dauph ta ngita ta work!