Saturday, September 8, 2007

Joe's Birthday Party!

Tonight we just got back home from friend's house. They held a party for Joe's 60th birthday party. We were the 1st visitors who arrived at their house. I thought we are the earliest than the said time lol! We really never meant it since our planned has to go somewhere else before heading to Mai's house where birthday party held. On the way we got gift for Joe at Men's Casual and hubby thought we don't have time going to the place we wanna go since it's gonna take for 2 hours as what he said, so if would have possibly be late going to Ma and Joe's house if we went. So we changed our planned that we will go there after attending the party but seems our time run out spending with friends talking. Time run so fast and just noticed it was already late. So the other planned might will do it on monday hopefully. Everyone had so much fun but I was being so silly with anyone. I am sorry guys I was acting silly hehe. Maybe I couldn't help but to laugh for a moment while gathering so we could have lots of laughs since it's not always everyday we see each other. I was being silly though. I shouldn't have done it cause it was shameful afterall, now that I felt and realized lol! Kakahiya! From 3:00 pm in the afternoon till 10 pm we got home. So we stayed for a very long hours at Joe's house. A lot of visitors who came over and lots of delicious foods being served. Everyone had a good time and brought foods home.
Thank you Mai for the hospitality you did for us. Indeed we had a great time with you all!

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