Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Catching My Cold!

My runny nose is getting better but my cough is started and I can tell it's going to be worse. I hope this won't get long and would get better soon. Since my runny nose is getting better but sadly my daughter caught it from me. She sneezed constantly and got a runny nose too. I was kind of worried but seemed she is still very active and didn't get cranky because of that. She is still the same. That doesn't bother her after all. Thanks goodness!

Hubby has gone to bed after dinner and so does Nicole in her bed. She fell asleep after having her formula milk and now I am just the only one who stayed up but soon I am going to bed also. I didn't take my nap properly cause Nicole been bugging me. I will be heading shortly.

This is my night news. Good Evening Everyone!

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