Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it Weird lol!

I'm kind of having headache right now and even got shoulder pain. Huh! I hate this but because I vacuumed to much this day so what can I expect? Pain all over lol! Anyway, I just noticed that everytime my monthly visitor is coming I usually love to do general cleaning. Whoaaah! I just realized and remembered that it same thing with my younger sister though lol! Isn't that weird? hmmp! Anyway we are both different in terms of cleaning because she only does that when she is going to have her menstrual period while me I always do cleaning but it is not as energetic when I am about to have, but when later on the following days I will mostly like to just stay in bed and go to sleep lol! Last night I been bugging hubby to bring to Dairy Queen to have some ice cream. Hmm I was craving for it. I really notice being pregnant and having PMS monthly is kinda the same feelings. But don't think too much far gusy cause I am not pregnant, I actually waiting for my PMS since it's really coming soon and I can feel it lol!
I have to go now cause I'm quite too sleepy now. I felt like a drunk woman typing here. It's like my head is dropping down not my eyes lol!
Good Night Everyone!

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