Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feeling Like Winter

Huh! It's like already winter here around our area the wind blows so hard and it's really cold. I can feel the winter is just around the corner. This is unsual since I could feel the coldness earlier compare than 3 years ago. Today is been cold outside and never seen a sun till now. That is why we haven't gone out today since I also don't feel good. I don't want to get it worse but seems my feet wanted to bring me out but my eyes and mind were refusing and fell asleep at past 4 pm and woke up at past 6 pm this afternoon. Now I don't think we can still go like this hours because of the weather doesn't even look good. It's a hint to dig out in closet all those heavy jackets. I hate wearing them cause it's too bulky but I love the fact it gives me warm whenever I am out. I felt like summer was just too short and I just barely notice I enjoyed it much or what. I still want more lol!
Today my nose has been stuffy. Everytime I lie down the other side would clog up, that's why I have to get up and better use my pc. I fell asleep this afternoon too because hubby caress my feet. It felt so good. I couldn't imagine how the touch could heal us and put as to sleep. It's like magic. On the other hand my daughter is just walking all around our room, very active, explorer and willing to try new things wether it hurts her or not. Gosh she is really brave. Well as long as she won't bother me to put her on my lap cause that's what she is asking sometimes and just sit. Ugh it's very tiring since she is so heavy now. But as general she is good little angel of ours. She is just way inquisitive that gives us headaches because we are afraid of her sometimes for trying anything.

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