Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quite HOT Today!

It's quite hot today... thus, I am here drinking cool drink. I don't how hot is the temperature as of today as I didn't care to check. My husband and daughter took a nap. I got envious and I will soon. It is pretty quiet because my daughter didn't make any noise LOL! It is a quiet time and I must enjoy it because I know that as soon as she gets up my world would be different again HAHA! We don't have plan to go out today, I already went to the get together with my few friends... It is my rest day. I am not sure if hubby would want to go out later for dinner when he wakes up. Will see that! We must also go to grocery store to fill up our fridge. We almost run out of foods. Since the time we decided to lose weight, almost of the things we buy are fruits and vegetables.. we buy less meat this time.. except household products and other things. I like it this way so I will not get tempted to cook those meats at home. We are both doing fine.

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