Monday, July 19, 2010

extreme workouts

I have been complaining how big I am since my body is expanding widely. I gained so much weight after I gave birth and how much hard work I put on just to be able to shed some fats and thankfully I lost 22 pounds. However, I still didn't hit the goal of 100 lbs. the least. Dieting is not enough especially I don't exercise constantly. I do jogging around neighborhood and stop because of my menstruation that all I did within those days sleep and eat. It was really frustrating to think I didn't get rid some lbs. I have been thinking it is better to have exercise at home and try extreme workouts I have found at, a place that offers wide selection of body workouts for those who wanted to lose weight and gain great shape.

I need to have this extreme body workout for my own good health. How much I dislike to see my bulging tummy that I just can't get to wear those sexy outfits. I need to lose 10 more lbs. to be satisfied with my body. I can't wait to get one for myself and ready for my exercise adventure. My other friend is also frustrated to lose some weight. I will introduce this place that offers great ways on how to gain the body she wants. Actually, she is alreday slim but she wanted to have body just like the way it was before she gave birth.

Who knows she might like turbo jam and be contented with the result later on. I need to tell her this very soon.

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