Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being silly

Today, I was being silly to hubby putting my head onto his lap for rest while he was eating.. haha! It is just have been a long time since I did it. I was being clingy this afternoon as I was very tired.. tired of watching drama haha! I also tried putting my head to my daughter's lap and she complained as she was busy with something. It is really nice to being clingy with your better half or even your daughter. It is a fun time and a great quality time together. I joked at hubby that I should gone back upstairs and rest in bed but he refused as he wanted me to just sit beside him watching show on TV together. I guess I rested for 30 minutes and back upstairs as the rain was getting harder. I opened the window for fresh air. My daughter followed me, I didn't mind to go downstairs as I had gone back watching the drama I started since yesterday.

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