Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parental Controls on the Net

Guest post written by Stacy Vaughn.

When we had hughes net packagesinstalled, I learned how to use parental controls and read-up on safety advice to ensure I had control of what my child would be able to access or be exposed to on the Internet. Perhaps my friends gave their children carte blanche on the Internet, but my child is my responsibility. I wanted to protect my daughter from online predators and materials she was too immature to understand.

My daughter just turned ten and was eager to have home access to the Internet. She claimed all her friends had Internet and couldn’t wait to join them. Before allowing her one minute access, we sat at the computer to review my firm rules. I explained that many areas of the Internet would be closed to her for her protection and as she got older and more responsible, more areas would be available.

We agreed she could have time to do homework, research subjects for school and her favorite subjects such as horses. When she asked whether she could make a space on Facebook and chat with friends, I said not now because I didn’t believe she was ready. She protested, but I explained that I wanted us to become familiar and responsible on the Internet and we could decide whether Facebook can be opened. She is still waiting for that day.

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