Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's going on?

Now I can't wait to hear my family how's their celebration going on. I have heard from my sistah that they were going down to the beach. I just don't get it how they have done it since they said they have visitors around. I know they could held it in the beach but it's kinda unsual for fiesta. Im eager to talk to them. I saw my cousin who was online but she's gone right away. I sent her an oflline msgs but she didn't response, there must have something wrong in the pc or might she's busy chatting online and doesn't want to be bothered. My cousin she's living with my family right now.
No one can really bet the enjoyment that has in the Philippines can offer. If I could just visit them every month. How I wished the country I lived now is just closer to PI. Ugh it's just a reachable imagination but never could be happened that PI and US could be that closer to each other. It takes a thousand miles to visit my home country. Sigh! And with the work of hubby I couldn't just to go the Philippines alone with my little child as I dont want to.