Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hi Guys, someone I would like to introduce you all, my sister Nina who's joining to this blogworld. Please welcome her as she'd like to be your friends. She's nice sistah of mine and love to be friended as well. I been telling her since before that she should make one so she could have fun writing and to know more people around to not get bored when he is home surfing on the net. It wasn't easy to convince her to join this site since she was too busy but now she's ready to face the blogworl lol! Pls just click her name and she's there for you to attack you lol joke lang poh! Hahaha! She's one joker too and you would just laugh out loud if you get know more. She's a good acompany cos she will never run out of jokes although she could be serious at times of course. She's always nice to be with. Healthy and Happy hehe! My giunsa na ni nako pag introduce basta guys visit here as she is waiting for your open arms. Diay she added your name already and pls if you could link back to her and would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Guys!