Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good Noon Everybody!

Hi good day to you all guys. Hope everything is fine with you! I know some of you there especially mothers are taking a break from taking care of their kids for school. Yes I know how breath-taking it is after that. For sure the students were so happy that they are out of school for now.
Anyway Nicole and I just got back upstairs from having brunch. As usual did some dishes and cleaning then got back up. We actually had our breakfast too late cos I was chatting with my sister and friend in Phil while I was doing a cleaning here upstairs. Nicole was pain in the butt cos she turned off my pc and it's frustrating cos it's takes a while to get back on the screen. Ugh! She been playing with dvd in the cpu keep pushing in and out. Ugh what a girl.
I know I haven't updated yet from our weekend events but it will be soon. Just tied up here with lots of things and tasks to be done.
Okay see you all. I will make a lap to you all right after this and oh yeah a heap laundry is waiting for me too.