Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why why why?

It makes me feel bad after eating peanut cause it gives me little bumps on my forehead just like pimples. This frustrates me big time. Why why why! It is too temting to eat peanut but what can I do? I'm touching my bumps on my forehead and I can feel it. Whoaah! I hope this would gone away. I'm so envy with hubby cause he eats peanut in regular basis and so does Nicole but they don't get any bumps on their forehead. Sometimes I like to pick it though cause it's bothering me a lot. If only I could just scrape it lol! but it's going to be ouch!

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jennyr said...

oily kse kaya makabreak outs gyud...btw dauph naa koy tag para nimo at