Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a cold weather we got today

What a cold weather we got today in our area. Since I'm waiting for hubby here downstairs so I deal with the coldness. Nicole looks fine to me. I don't know why she seems couldn't feel cold at all or it is just kids things. Anyway I just wear back my long jacket since the coldness is just unbearable. It even makes me sleepy though and wanted to take a nap. Maybe because I also just had done having my lunch with my family at Chinese Super Buffet. Seems my eyes couldn't wait to shut down lol! But have to open them wide because we still have some important matters to do outside.

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jennyr said...

grabeh pod katugnaw nganhi oi! cge lang gani ko snuggle sa couch! hehehe! btw, i got u tagged!