Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a DAY! Passed written test!

What a day for us as it is snowed again! Gosh! When is this going to stop! It is cold over again. I missed the sun so much though. I must look on the brighter side otherwise I am going to get crazy thinking about this white powdered stuffs around.

I have good news to tell that I was able to pass my written test yesterday. Whew! I just love it! On the way to DMV, I told my husband I have no confidence anymore might I can't pass. I thought all I have studied were forgotten in mind HAHA! Thanks goodness I passed and got my permit. They give me temporary one, and get the original one through mail. Hopefully to receive it soon. As what hubby said, I gonna get it just in a week. Now, I should practice driving!

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Tim said...

Dauphine, congratulations on passing your drivers test. It is a nice moment, isn't it?

My brother Dean is married to a Filipina lady and she, like so many I've met is a wonderful person and mother- probably like you. Drive carefully out there, and for anyone else who might want an extra advantage before taking their drivers test, you might want to see this.

The best to you and your family.