Monday, February 15, 2010

The House Plan I wanted!

My mom has her own house plan already for their house that my husband wanted to build for her and for my younger siblings. Although, it hasn't built yet but I am happy that we already got we need. We paid someone to do it, a certified engineer back home. I would say the fee was quite pricey but it is okay. I thought I should find something affordable online that we can afford for our own house to build back home when my husband retires for good. He loves to live in Cebu Philippines and that is what I am looking forward to. I don't need such a huge house but a nice house I have dreamed of since when I was young. A nice looking, ranch style kind of house with three to four bedrooms. I have found the place I thought offers great deal at The designs of their house plans are looking fabulous. My excitement kicks in right now after browsing through their gallery. I can't wait the time my husband and I move back home and our house will be situated by the beach. I would feel living in heaven when I get to have the dream house I have ever wanted. The
house plans are very important when planning a house to build, that make the dream complete. However, we are in the middle of saving so we can obtain that pictured out in our minds.

As I am thinking living by the beach, having one of the
cabin plans are also a great idea when I need to escape from my home to relax LOL! For sure my husband would be the happiest man on earth when he stays at the place he's been waiting for. Enjoy the breeze of the fresh air without worrying to go to work. My imagination runs wild this moment and hopefully someday what's all in my mind will come true. I sure would keep these house floor plans and avail it when ready.

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