Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I like the weather today

I like the weather today, although it is kind of chilly but the sun is shining through. That is the most important thing of the day for me. When the sun is up this also gives me smile. It is like the whole wide world is also smiling back LOL!

My household right now is in little chaos because of these two little girls always fighting for the toys. Good thing Mikela is a good girl that would give way to Nicole when I say to her just let the toy go and I will give something to her. If Nicole getting so bad and can't stand it anymore, I will tell her she will receive time out LOL! Although some times they get along also. I need to buy more balloons since those are the ones they are figthing today.

On the other thing, I am happy Mikela is eating good whenever I'd like to feed her any food in her mouth. She is doing great and hopefully she gets bigger. I like this kind of work though. It is a huge accomplishment in my part. Seeing her getting big will make me happy!

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