Friday, September 24, 2010

secured credit cards

Credit Cards play important role in everyone's life, especially when there is emergency expenses. To those who want to have their weddings, to build their dream homes, purchase new cars, medical bills, and many more to mention. It is not all the time we have cash in hand thus, credit cards are there to save the day. Even there is an interest rate applied for each credit card yet people are after to it, as it is very needed. I admit, I used credit cards and so far I do a good job of controlling myself. I tried to avoid to keep going to the stores not unless if I need the things. I can't dare to be drowned into debts and ruin my credit history. The secured credit cards I used are so far helping big time. You know, I have siblings to send to school and the cash that hubby gives to me every time goes directly to them. I used credit cards for myself and for holidays purposes.

My step son is planning to go back to school and I assumed he needs budget. I don't think he would still depending on his dad's help. He is all grown up and can stand on his own. He can actually apply for one of the student credit cards that has to offer which he can just pick any that suit him. He need not luxurious things for now like what he got and did before when economy was good. Today is different, economy is struggling and must know how to handle his own finances.

I think he would be happy to find these credit card offers online and can apply any time. I want the best for him and that all of his dreams will come true!


Anonymous said...

Oui moi aussi j'aimerai me l'acheter. Quand sera t'elle dispo en france ?

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osman said...

great tips. i remember these fondly when gas was a dollar a gallon. i think that we probably shouldn’t fall back on these, but i think everyone will adopt a few of them Thanx admin

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