Friday, September 10, 2010


When I got downstairs I saw a box from Direct TV laying by the door. It is for my step-son's package. He has Direct TV on his room while hubby and I use other type of provider. I am not sure if my step son is willing to share with us but he only gave the site where to go in case we want to switch, at He is lucky indeed to get what he wants at such young age. It would be cheaper for us if we will connect to what he has since but as far as I could see hubby doesn't want to bother him. Whatever his decision I will respect as long as it will not take too long to have ours switch soon.

I have just checked at the site and I couldn't believe what they have offered. It's incridible, because it provides more sports, more movies, more local channels, more HD and more 3D. I want to grab this LocalTV-Satellite right now to enjoy tons of shows on TV, especially my daughter who loves to just face on it. There is no day she wouldn't watch shows. It is a better change for her to be able to watch more shows she hadn't seen before. It is our chance because the offers 5 months free for all new comers. It is really an awesome deal that shouldn't miss to grab.

I can't wait to share this Direct TV I have just found to my husband so we can switch the provider as soon as possible this weekend. He sure would love it as he can watch his favorite sports on TV in high defination as it is like watching the game lively and closely. He can decide later to continue the service after grabbing the free months subscription but I believe he will not ever disconnect to Direct TV.

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