Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In our master's bedroom we have two big windows. The one by the bed has still curtain on it, and the other one has none. It got naked since my daughter pulled it down and never put back again. My daughter did that when she was small and didn't understand things around. You know babies and toddlers just want to grab anything they can hold on to. I told hubby that I wanted to change the curtains to blinds for window coverings to have it looking more sophisticated. And blinds are easy to clean up unlike curtais need to wash from time to time as it absorbs dusts. Blinds I can just wipe it off with wet cloth, I think. Right now I am browsing through the site of, the UK's number 1 for shutters and blinds. I like the styles and colors of their blinds and the costs are affordable. I need to se aside budget for this and hopefully to get this as soon as possible in two months time.

If I could save enough for our window coverings downstairs will be great. The neighbor beside our house got blind coverings on her windows and I love it, it looks very elegant. Thanks to her for giving a nice idea.

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