Friday, April 9, 2010

Today at 11 AM was my doctor's appointment

Today at 11 AM was my doctor's appointment. It was nice seeing her once again. I missed my appointment last time and what a bummer because I had to pay it from my own account. The insurance won't cover for it. Why they if it is my fault? Anyway, when I got there I just gave her the payment first. I could have given it later after the session so it doesn't look rude but since she saw me holding the check so I just handed out to her. I hope she understood and didn't think bad about it.

Anyway, we had a nice talked, laughed together and she took care the most important business. It wasn't too long seeing her. I guess less than 15 minutes. After that we as a family went to restaurant for our lunch, then to asian store to buy grocery stuffs I have been craving. Then came back home. I would have wanted to drive around more but since hubby felt the urge to use the bathroom so we just got back home. I didn't demand to go out anymore because I already kind of tired. Hopefully tomorrow once again and hope the day will be as nice as today!

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