Friday, April 9, 2010

piano lessons

I love music a lot and singing is my passion. Since when I was small I sing my heart's content. It runs through my family's blood. Anyway, aside from singing there is one thing I want to learn so much. It is learning to play piano. I used to be a choir member back home and every time my leader would play piano I felt like in heaven and have would liked to try it on my own. I only wish to be as like him that is really good of playing such music instrument. I know I can't learn piano lessons just by myself but the help of the expert I saw at I am so very impressed with the lady playing the piano as just easy as she taught. Oh boy! This got me interested and want to enroll the site so I can learn soon. I only got small piano this time which is okay but when I get better playing the piano I will start saving for bigger one to have a nice and smooth sounds. My excitement kicks in right now and I can't wait to play on my own.

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