Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feels weird

It feels weird when I am on my monthly cycle and my abdomin is also a little in pain. It is hard being a woman sometimes. Right now my sister in Texas is calling me. I will call her back when I am done updating my blog. I have plenty of things to do today before I will yakking on the phone. I just don't feel like talking right now as well, as I don't feel good. On the other thing, my daughter is in bed taking her rest. She only got short nap. She should have slept longer to get better soon. She's been like that, not ever like to take a nap on day time. She sleeps early at night which is good as well. She just couldn't wait to see her dad coming from work. She's been asking for him every time she hears noise from outside. She misses him so much.


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