Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Antsy

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

What is it about having a child that makes you so protective? I mean, people had been telling me for years that my whole outlook would change once Jeremy came along but I totally didn’t believe them, but as it turns out, they were right all along! I feel like a totally new person now and I know my husband feels the same way. It’s so worrysome trying to keep the baby safe and not get obsessive about it – I know he wouldn’t want that! We recently had a system installed which helps me sleep better at night and we got him the safest stroller I could find on the market. Of course, we’re making all his own baby food to avoid pesticides and preservatives and most of his clothes are made out of organic cotton cotton. I know I’m going a little overboard but I’m just really thankful I’ve had this opportunity. I know many people who want babies and can’t have them so I’m glad it’s my turn!

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