Friday, March 18, 2011

Tickets Available

I never thought it was snowing early morning not until hubby told me a while ago. Daughter and I have planned to go out for a jogging but I don't think that will happen since it must be cold outside. I guess I just feel so bored and if there is another way to enjoy life by now would be great like going to other States watch sports games, concerts, go to theater . I can't wait hubby to take another vacation so we can have some fun. I told him about some of the available tickets that can be bought online like sacramento kings tickets, dallas mavericks tickets, houston, rockets tickets , memphis grizzlies tickets and many more for affordable prices in different locations. I got tired of just staying at home doing the same things as usual. It has been a long time since I took a vacation. Most of the time I go out with friends and that's only that! I want something more, see different things in different places.

We have been to New Orleans before when hubby was assigned for his job for two months and I just enjoyed eating seafoods over there and it is quite cheaper compare to where we live at. Their crabs are just as tasty as I had back home. It would be nice to go there and do a little different watch sports especially now that the neworleans hornes tickets are available.

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